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Thursday, 11 January, 2018
Why Open Sites like Dropbox Can’t Always Keep Your Data Secure (Chicago) Why do businesses continue to store important documents on unprotected cloud based systems like Dropbox? It is important to look for a cloud storage provider. For more info visit https://www.kensiumbpo.com/blog/why-open-sites-dropbox-cant-always-keep-your...
Friday, 22 December, 2017
Simplify litigation with a searchable document database (Chicago) Our team of experts has been trained to read through documents and code according to the requirements defined by the client. Contact us for your custom coding project. For more info visit https://www.kensiumbpo.com/blog/simplify-litigation-with-searchable...
Tuesday, 28 November, 2017
Implement Automated Invoice Processing or Fall Behind (Chicago) Implementing an automated invoice processing solution, businesses can speed up their invoice processing services and create a more positive experience for partners and customers. For more info visit https://www.kensiumbpo.com/blog/implement-automated-proc...
Thursday, 26 October, 2017
Outsource Post-Closing Support for Mortgage Service (Chicago) In the post-closing mortgage stage, we perform assessments on the loan after closing to guarantee it is sale-able to investors. For more info visit https://www.kensiumbpo.com/mortgage-processing-services/post-closing